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Let us help you open the doors to the life you’ve dreamed of.

Life is simply too short to not be the best lover you can be for yourself and/or your partner. Removing the mystery of loving creates the mastery we all desire. Let us help you open the doors to the life you’ve dreamed of.

intimacy coach

Careers, parenting, divorce, death and a proliferation of media images have resulted in people experiencing a disconnect between their bodies and desire…sex is losing it’s luster.

Whether you are coupled or between partners, the ancient art of Tantra can provide a modern solution to achieve deeper relationships, intimacy and passion.  You can have the happily-ever-after so often depicted in the movies; it just takes a little work and a willingness to be vulnerable and make change. We will teach you the rest.

We have distilled the sacred sexual practices of Tantra into easy to understand concepts and combined them with aspects of psychology and body therapies.  Why a coach? When things get personal, it’s easy to slip into old patterns of hurt and resentment.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Change limiting thoughts that keep you stuck in the land of “No”
  • Live in the present, let go of old stories
  • Get your needs met by developing loving and compassionate communication skills
  • Honor your “No”  and set healthy boundaries
  • Pleasure yourself AND your partner; this is the sex ed class you should have gotten
  • Create a passionate, mutually satisfying intimate relationship when sexual disfunction has become an issue

As you begin to release the negative messages and experiences of the past, you will discover your authentic self.  Lessen or completely eradicate anxiety, depression, self-loathing. When we feel connected to ourselves and allow love to flourish, the flood gates open and abundance flows in all other areas of our life.  You really can have it all!

Mindful Outdoor Experiences

The secret to vitality and good health awaits you in the forest! Spending time in nature can be a powerful antidote to the stress of modern living.

As awareness grows around the importance of mental health and life/work balance, so grows the interest in holistic treatment of conditions such as anxiety and depression as well as a host of other illnesses.

Why a Mindful Outdoor Experience?

Research shows that trees really do have healing powers.  Have you ever wondered why you feel better after being out in nature?  Recent studies have shown that the release of antimicrobial essential oils in the forest, called phytoncides, have a host of health benefits for humans, including boosting mood and immune systems. Other quantifiable benefits are reduced blood pressure, heart rate, anxiety, and confusion.

What is a Mindful Outdoor Experience?

Deb is an experienced outdoor guide who has been certified as a Level 1 Kripalu Mindful Outdoor Guide. She will lead you, through invitation, to use each of your senses to become part of the environment—when we are still and focused, we are open to new sights, sounds and tastes.  Reacquaint yourself with the timeless art of cloud gazing or the scent of dew on ferns. Be creative! Add your voice to the orchestra of nature or fashion a piece of art on the forest floor.  Find that perfect stone that feels just right in your hand just like you did when you were a kid.

You will spend roughly 2 hours in nature, but rather than travel far, you will move just a short distance making it ideal for people of any fitness level.  The walk will begin with a gentle warm up designed to get your energy flowing and body ready to receive the forest. You will learn a variety of techniques to enhance your experience of nature that you can use as you sit quietly merging with the more than human world.  The walk will end with a tea ceremony where we can share our experiences of the forests and bask in its beauty with new or old friends.

How can I participate in a Mindful Outdoor Experience?

Check Events for regularly scheduled M.O.E.s or contact Deb to inquire about a private walk for your group. (minimum 6 participants)


Tantra Puja Workshop

Tantra puja is a beautiful ceremony, thousands of years old where the participants honour not only one another, but themselves.  Taking part in a puja is a powerful way to create connection and experience unconditional love, both as a giver and receiver. A series of fun, heart-centered exercises permit us to take off our masks and reveal our true selves in a safe environment.  Reconnect in an authentic way with yourself, your partner, your peers. 

Each puja begins with an explanation of tantra and how it can enhance not only your love relationships but your professional and social relationships as well.  We create boundaries around consent and safety as a group and then set intentions with the use of ceremonial cacao (think of sassy hot chocolate) to pave the way for a transformational experience.  Participants will then move through guided connection activities that include simple yoga, eye-gazing, dance and word play. The event concludes with an invitation to attendees to share a special moment or insight with the group.

Tantra Puja Workshops may be themed or done with all men, all women, couples or singles.  Please see our event page for dates and particulars.

Private Puja Event

Tantra Private Puja Events are great for team building, women’s group, or just a fun activity for you and your friends.  Please contact us at info@loveflourishes.com to discuss the details!

Singles Tantra Speed Date

Tired of Swiping? Tantra Speed Date isn't your average singles event.

Presented by Tantra Institute & Facilitated by Love Flourishes
Relationship skills games + speed date, you’ll share moments of fun, guided connection with up to 24 dates in a traditional Puja circle. Exercises are playful, PG-rated (verbal dyads, dance, light partner yoga, improv), and infused with positive relating skills. You’ll walk away not only with matches, but with a refreshing perspective on what relationships can be.
Exercises are playful, PG-rated (verbal dyads, dance, light partner yoga, improv), and infused with positive relating skills. You’ll walk away not only with matches, but with a refreshing perspective on what relationships can be.

Couples Tantra Date Night

A Guided Experience for Couples

Presented by Tantra Institute & Facilitated by Love Flourishes
Want to ignite more passion in your relationship?
Start a new relationship on the right foot?
Or just looking for a fun night out?
Treat yourselves to a guided evening with an introduction to Tantra. Learn tips and play intimacy games to increase chemistry with your date.
Whether you’re an established couple or on your first date, you’ll move at your own pace while sharpening relationship skills. And learn new ways to intimately connect. Limited space available. Get your ticket today!
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