Imagine you could describe your life in five simple words:

Passionate, Shame-free, Community, Joyful, Tranquil

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Older couple hold hands after their passion has been restored with Tantra

our mission

We are taking the ancient Eastern Art of Tantra and deconstructing it for modern Western life.

Sharing the time-tested lessons of balanced living in and out of the bedroom as practiced by the Masters.  Teaching you how to harness the power of your body’s energy, your breath, your mind using easy to understand language and concepts.  Reconnecting you to self, others and nature – it’s time to tune in and turn on!

our services

Let us help you open the doors to the life you’ve dreamed of.

Life is simply too short to not be the best lover you can be for yourself and/or your partner. Removing the mystery of loving creates the mastery we all desire.

Intimacy Coach

Mindful Outdoor Experiences

Singles Tantra Speed Date

Couples Tantra Date Night

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meet your coaches

A synthesis of love, respect, and wisdom

They’ve walked the tantric path in unison and, from the very beginning, saw the reflection in each other that mirrored themselves individually. The beauty of their work together is that they share a common goal; each offering a unique perspective and world view on the topic at hand. Let them guide you in reminding yourself what love can truly look like.

Debra Stambula and Tracy Gnojek, Advanced Certified Tantra Educators


Let us help you open the doors to the life you’ve dreamed of.

LOVE Flourishes offers a variety of workshops that addresses and includes anywhere you find yourself in life…single, in partnership, all-gender inclusive.  Our goal with all of our workshops is to create a space full of integrity, wisdom, and childlike wonder!

What our clients are saying..

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The Journey Home

The Journey Home Some journeys take us far from home, some adventures lead us to our destiny – C.S. Lewis Recently a client shared her perception of me the first time we met: “You struck me as that blonde in the room that has floated through life without any problems”.…

Resolving the Issue of Resolutions

Resolving the Issue of Resolutions res·o·lu·tion / rezəˈlo͞oSH(ə)n/ noun: 1. a firm decision to do or not to do something. By sheer definition a resolution is almost certainly a date with defeat.   A firm decision to do or not do something—there’s no leeway…you’re either going to do it or…
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